Class Descriptions

close up of white child's hands playing with green play-dohGingerbread Preschool offers a variety of classes for children ages 2-6 to learn through play. The program is a part-time, recreational program that provides children an opportunity to experience a classroom setting prior to entering kindergarten.


My Grown Up and Me Class

Requirements: Child must have a parent/guardian with them in the class. Children must be 18 months by the first day of the class.

Parent & Me is a fun classroom experience designed to help the child achieve new milestones, and promote development. This class is designed to encourage multi-sensory experiences to stimulate language, socialization, creativity, and independence in your child.

3-year old Class

Requirements: All students must be 3years of age on or before December 15, 2023
Children must be toilet proficient.  Children in the 3’s are allowed to wear pull-ups for a short time while they transition toward toilet proficiency.

The 3’s class presents a learning environment designed to help promote your child’s growth and development while we LEARN THROUGH PLAY.  Our teachers create a warm and nurturing classroom that allows students to flourish with core competencies focused on communication (language development), creativity (a variety of mediums), and social/emotional growth (building on resilience and relationships). We balance light academic learning with socialization and lots of fun to inspire a love of learning.


4-year old Class

Requirements: All students must be 4 years of age on or before December 15, 2022. Children must be toilet trained.  

Our 4’s teachers provide a hands-on learning environment that encourages preschoolers’ natural curiosity to learn by introducing a strong curriculum that builds confidence and resilience in a PLAY environment.  In our classrooms, we incorporate a perfect balance of academics and play focusing on pre-reading, pre-writing, and math skills along with art, music, and the skills of communication, collaboration, and problem-solving.  Our goal is to give our 4’s a full year of social-emotional growth in developmentally appropriate classroom routines.      

4-5 year old (Pre K)

Provides a developmentally appropriate pre-kindergarten alternative to TK.  We offer the same academic goals in a PLAY based program preparing your child for the academic years ahead.  We offer a strong supportive base with a smaller student/child ratio giving us the opportunity to develop your child independently.  As with our other classes, we incorporate a balance of academics and play focusing on pre-reading, pre-writing, and math skills along with a strong focus on social emotional growth.  


children standing on a log in a group



Olivia Grace: little white girl in a dancing pose in front of larger-than-life 2d red metal sculpture in the shape of a symbol for a child