Engineering Department

The Engineering Department designs and constructs public facilities, and reviews public improvements constructed by private property development. The Landscape Architecture Division works with the public, other City departments for the construction of new park projects, renovation of existing parks, and other landscape replacement projects on City property. 

Engineers on Duty (EOD) are available to answer questions and assist with any issues related to the Engineering Division.

EOD Service Hours

Qualified engineers are available to serve walk-in customers without the need to make an appointment at the City offices located at 200 Old Bernal Avenue. Staff is available in person Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and available by phone 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Residents can obtain encroachment permits, flood zone information, lot and tract maps, bid packages, and can discuss general concerns pertaining to the City utility infrastructure at our service counter.

If you need assistance from Engineering, but cannot make it during these hours, please call (925) 437-4005 or email at to arrange a more convenient time. 


Adam Nelkie, Assistant Director of Public Works/City Engineer


The Engineering Department is comprised of four sections:

Capital Improvement Section

  • Prepares the plans, specifications and contract documents for the construction of public improvements throughout the City including;
    • roadway improvements
    • utility pipelines
    • pump stations
    • bridges
    • trails
    • public buildings 
  • Determines specific needs, performance standards, and priorities for projects identified in the Capital Improvement Program adopted by City Council every two years.
  • The Capital Improvement Section also administers the City’s Pavement Management System
  • Issues encroachment permits to allow temporary access to the public right of way.

Development Services Section

  • Works closely with private developers, the developers’ engineers, and the public in the review and approval of subdivision maps and improvement plans. 
  • Assures that the City’s standards for the construction of public improvements are met and that the proposed subdivision of private property is in conformance with the State Subdivision Map Act as well as local ordinances.

Construction Inspection Section

  • Provides inspection of public project designs during construction and assures that approved plans and specifications are followed during the construction of public projects.  Examples of public improvement projects include construction of, and repair and improvements to public streets, utility pipelines, pump stations, bridges, parks, trails, public buildings, and public parking lots. 
  • Works closely with outside utility companies that use the public right of way for the routing of their facilities by issuing encroachment permits to control the time, place, and manner of construction in public streets.

Landscape Architecture

  • The Landscape Architecture Division works with the public, other City departments and design consultants to design and prepare construction drawings for the construction of new park projects, renovations of existing parks, and other landscape replacement projects on City property. This Division also administers the Pleasanton Landscape Ordinance and the urban forestry program, including street tree replacement and protection of Heritage trees; and reviews private development landscape plans for conformance with City standards. The overall intent of the Division is to provide residents with exceptional parks, landscapes, and urban forest by improving the aesthetic character of the City. 

Engineering Department

Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
200 Old Bernal Avenue
PO Box 520, Pleasanton, CA 94566

Assistant Director of Public Works/City Engineer, Adam Nelkie