Renew Materials

Your items can be renewed automatically or manually

Automatic Renewals

With automatic renewals, our system finds eligible items for renewal on your account, and renews them for up to two additional loan periods.  Eligible items will automatically renew three days before their due date.

Please note: the following items are ineligible for automatic renewals...

  • Have been renewed twice
  • LINK+
  • Lucky Day
  • On hold

Manual Renewals

You can manually renew your items up to two additional loan periods by doing one of the following:

Follow these steps to manually renew your items from your online account:

1. Login to your account using either your Username or Library Card Number and PIN

2. Click your Username in the upper right corner

3. Click the tab labeled Checked Out on the left-hand side under "My Borrowing"

4. Renew individual titles by clicking the green "Renew" button on the right side of the page. Renew multiple titles by clicking the checkbox next to the titles you'd like to renew, then click the black "Renew Selected" button on the bottom of the screen

5. If a renew is successful, you will see the message "Successfully renewed checked out item(s)" at the bottom of the screen 

Please note: you will not be able to manually renew an item if...

  • The item is "Lucky Day" 
  • The item is on hold by another patron
  • The item has been recently checked out
  • The item is 10 or more days overdue
  • Your fines exceed $20.00