Assistant City Manager, Pamela Ott

Pamela Ott joined the City of Pleasanton in 2003 as Economic Development Manager, expanded her role to Director overseeing Economic Development and Community Engagement, and in January 2020 was named Deputy City Manager prior to being selected in December 2022 as Assistant City Manager where she oversees the City’s economic development and business license efforts; public information program; and the City Clerk’s office along with the Library and Recreation, Operations Services, and Information Technology Departments. Additionally, she works with the City Manager’s Office and across the organization on numerous special programs and projects toward accomplishing Council and community priorities that sustain Pleasanton’s outstanding quality of life.

Prior to joining the City, Pamela was hired in 2001 as executive director of the Pleasanton Downtown Association. She has a 10-year background in retail banking management, and she holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in quantitative management from the University of Florida and a Master of Science in Organization Development from the University of San Francisco. She also completed a program in historic preservation at the University of Georgia.

Reflecting her commitment to serve the Pleasanton community, Pamela actively supports many local organizations and events. She is known for being highly responsive, for applying both critical thinking and creativity to challenging issues, and for her proactive and positive approach to addressing issues.