Safety Valet Program

The Student Safety Valet Program was created in 2001 to improve the safety of students who are dropped off for school or picked up to provide a more fluid motion of vehicular traffic. This program is designed so the parent will not need to park or exit their vehicle in the drop-off area.  5th grade students volunteer as Safety Valets.  Membership on a patrol helps develop attention to duty, alertness, dependability, leadership qualities and a sense of social obligation.  

Each elementary school has a pre-designated location for families to drop-off their children called the “school drop-off area.” The school drop-off location is typically located in the front of school and outlined with paint.  See your school's website for detailed drop-off procedures.


  • Student valets are stationed along the drop off area, wearing bright orange/yellow vests holding "PULL FORWARD" signs.
  • Drivers pull into the drop-off area and drive as far forward as directed by student valets in order to use the entire length of the curb available. 
  • When cars come to a complete stop, valets open the passenger door for students to exit or enter the vehicle and then close the vehicle door.
  • Cars are directed to pull forward and exit the drop off area.