Pleasanton Bike Events

The City of Pleasanton encourages residents and employees to consider bicycling as a viable commute alternative. Throughout the year, bicycle safety classes are provided by Bike East Bay certified instructors to help new riders learn safe bicycling skills.  In May, Bike to Work and School Days are held to give the community opportunities to try biking to work or school. Numerous events and workshops are planned to prepare for Bike to Work and School Days during the months of March and April.  Bike East Bay encourages Alameda County residents to pedal to work and school on the official Bike to Work & School Day which occurs on the second Thursday in May.  



Bike Safety & Education

Bike to Wherever Day (formerly Bike To Work Day)

Walk & Biking to School

Bike to School Day

Bike & Pedestrian Master Plan

Community Bike Ride

Bicycle Friendly Community 



The City of Pleasanton has been awarded the 2018-2022 Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community Award!  Press Release

Funds for Bike Events & Promotions are provided in cooperation with: